Jessica Jones

I just wrapped up Jessica Jones on Netflix, and I liked it.  I never really followed many street level heroes as a kid, mainly sticking to Fantastic Four and Avengers.  So it’s been kind of a fun discovery of heroes I knew nothing about.  Jessica Jones is a fascinating character.  She’s a hard drinking, grouchy impatient PI who also has a very big heart under that gruff facade. Jessica-Jones-1-1200x674

The show is not for the young ones, as it pulls no punches in showing just how devastating super powers can be.  Jessica can lift a truck, but uses her wits and intellect as the first line of problem solving. I love the new spin on the classic detective noir style.  The show has some pretty dark moments, but it’s able to blend in some fun to help offset the carnage.  I am looking forward to where Netflix is heading, with all these characters setting up The Defenders team.  I wonder how Dr. Strange will fit in?  Time will tell, and I’ll be watching.

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