I’ve been working for some time now on refining the process I use to create Suzi, and I am ready to make the step to the next iteration of the […]


Sorry for missing today’s page.  I will get it uploaded by Friday.   I can, however, share a test shot from the Suzi animated series.  This is from issue one, […]


I have been hard at work doing the pre-production of Suzi’s first animated adventure, and I let the Tuesday comic slip. Normally I would be aggravated, but I am too […]

sunday science

I had just a quick image to share with you, showing the motion of our Solar System.  It’s amazing how slow the outer planets move around the Sun.

Animated Suzi

I have been studying animation off and on since I first picked up Preston Blair’s Animation book waaay back in the early 70’s. I was fascinated with cartoons. Still am. […]