Music and Passion: Hand in hand

I love talking about music, especially when it comes to the 80’s inspired style of Retrowave. I’d never heard of this genre until I stumbled across the NewRetroWave channel on Youtube.  NewRetroWave is a network that has the uncanny knack of finding the best in the Retrowave scene, and consistently serves up music that captures the stylish moody passion that was the 80’s. And as a guy who graduated in ’84, they are spot on. NewRetroWaveI mean, check out that logo! The sense of dedication to the style and spirit of the music is what makes this passion driven collective so special.

80posterNRW is also expanding to include retro gaming and comic reviews. Did I mention they have some awesomely cool 80’s styled shirts and art available?

Spoiler: When the Suzi animated series comes out, you can bet NRW will be the guys I go to for the soundtrack.

Over in my sidebar, you will see the Radio Cosmos playlist, which features a ton of great NRW gems. If you’re a fan, check them out, and if you’ve never heard of Retrowave, give it a listen, you might like it 🙂



  1. I enjoy retrowave and synthwave, too! Probably as a result of all those 80s scifi/action films I watched growing up. However, I didn’t really listen to the music until around a year ago when, on a whim, I bought a collection of synthwave music from a game bundle site called ‘Groupees’ for $2, and enjoyed them a lot. My favorite track that I got from the bundle is ‘Andromeda’ from the album Near Dark, by Dance With the Dead:

    I don’t know if you’re a gamer but if so you’d probably enjoy ‘Far Cry: Blood Dragon’, a hilarious spin off of the FPS Far Cry series set in the post-nuclear future of…2007:

    Oh and I like your Radio Cosmos playlist; it makes a great soundtrack for SQ. My favorite track from it so far is Deathracer!


    1. I am definitely checking out Blood Dragon! That looks awesome, and yeah, man, Deathracer is my fave! I’ll update the list this week and get it poppin again!


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