Suzi via prompt

My day job is in software, and the Gen AI movement is a big part of it. I rendered this out using the free Stable Diffusion UI called Fooocus. Ai […]

It’s always about more. More content, more story, more everything. and there is only so much of me to go around. When I started this character, I had no real […]

Bear with me, my former hosting company burned down and sank into the swamp. I’m rebuilding Suzi from backups. But she will return!

I’ve just changed up the Radio Cosmos playlist.  Some songs stayed, while new ones fell into place.   let me know what you think.  Over on my personal blog, I keep […]


Suzi’s long sleep is almost over.  Stay tuned.  The site will be undergoing a lot retooling in the next couple of weeks.

Yeah, I’m changing things up in a bit in the theme.  Going for a leaner look, a bit faster on mobile.  So pardon the odd formatting and changing colors.  You […]

I’ve been working for some time now on refining the process I use to create Suzi, and I am ready to make the step to the next iteration of the […]