So much more than just me banging out images goes into creating a page for Suzi.  I’m lucky to have a very supportive wife, a good workspace and a custom […]


I love talking about music, especially when it comes to the 80’s inspired style of Retrowave. I’d never heard of this genre until I stumbled across the NewRetroWave channel on […]


I’ve been a huge “retro wave” for the past couple of years now.  Loved it in the 80’s, and now it’s back with a vengeance!  Down in the sidebar, you […]

Radio Cosmos is my way of sharing some of the music I love with you guys.  My dad had a radio show here in Dallas back in the 70’s and […]

Have you listened to Suzi FM yet?  It’s the best music you have never heard. We have only the best in cinematic, ambient, chill and house mixes ready to go. […]