Radio Cosmos redux!

Radio Cosmos is my way of sharing some of the music I love with you guys.  My dad had a radio show here in Dallas back in the 70’s and 80’s, and I guess I got hooked on sharing music from going to the station with him.  About a decade ago, I was really big into (one of the first big internet radio station sites)  where I had a show that featured 48 hours of “the best music you’ve never heard”.  As with most things, life happened and I had to move on from live365.

I think of the Radio Cosmos channel as a kind of soundtrack for Suzi, and I play the songs that I listen to while I work on the comic.  In fact, I am listening to the station as I write this.  I try to change it around to keep it fresh, and I am always looking for great new music.  If you have some tunes that would fit the style, please share them with me!  Finding cool songs is one of my joys in life, so share what you got and it just might wind up in the playlist!

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Cool Grooves

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