Suzi Radio Drama?

When I was young, my Dad had a bluegrass radio show in Dallas, and so every Saturday afternoon, my little brother and I would load up the family station wagon with a select mix of my Dad’s personal music collection and we were off to the big city.  I loved visiting the radio station, and on Saturday nights, it was pretty empty.  My brother and I got to know the radio station and it’s sister TV station across the alley very well.

Suzi Quazar on the air?

My Dad kept a nice audio studio upstairs at our house, so we were exposed to audio engineering at an early age.  We would create our own radio adventures on tape, then laugh as we played them back with sound effects added.

I would like to do something similar with Suzi, and hire a voice actress to read the script, then I would take it and add the music and effects, narration and all that jazz.  I think it would be a lot of fun,  and would give me a chance to include a lot of story material that didn’t make it in the comic.

That sound like anything you guys would want to hear?


  1. I think that’s a really cool idea! I’d love to hear an SQ radio drama.


    1. Hey Crowbar! I like the way you think, and I have just the actress in mind to play our heroine! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted as it develops, get some shots from our audio studio on the site. Fun times ahead!


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