I signed up for Marvel Unlimited and so far I am pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been able to discover many of the comics that I wanted to read as a kid, […]


I just wrapped up Jessica Jones on Netflix, and I liked it.  I never really followed many street level heroes as a kid, mainly sticking to Fantastic Four and Avengers. […]

Comics! Deep Dive Daredevils

This weekly webcomic has become one of my favorites.  The writing is fresh, fun and top notch and the art really captures that pulp adventure feel.  This is a fun […]

I keep a blog over at (that I don’t update often enough) and I made a post about 25 cent comics.  To save you a click, the bottom line […]


This has been a long time coming.  After we did Issue 1, we learned alot editing and proofing comics for publication.  We submitted to Comixology, but got kicked back for […]


Things are going great around here.  I have the novelization of Suzi Quazar going, and nice timing for it to coincide with NaNoWriMo.  Double dippin big in here! Things are […]

Bruce Timm style!

I am not a big autograph hound. I have autographed photos of Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6 from Logans run, a Sid Haig as Lord Drago from Jason of Star […]