We stand with Brussels!

Brussels, we stand with you. Tyranny and oppression are the tools of the cowards who fear the future and what it holds for mankind. Today we stand with the people of Belgium, and mourn the loss of so many innocent lives. We will show the cowards that traffic in terror and death that good people will not bow to them.

To all our friends in Belgium, our hearts break for you today. But make no mistake, no one believes for a second that the Belgians are scared or broken. A storm is coming, and it will bring a terrible wrath for those who plot in darkness. We all rest assured that the Belgian people will continue to stand as a champion of liberty!


  1. I fully agree with the sentiment, but as somebody pointed out on Tumblr it might seem a bit hypocritical if those who express support for the Brussels attacks don’t at least spare a thought for the victims of the Ankara attacks as well.


    1. …and of course I mean support for the VICTIMS of the Brussels (and Ankara) attacks.


      1. Very good point, Lee. After doing some quick checking, Ankara has been hit hard twice this year already. And there have been dozens of smaller scale attacks as well. Each of the victims deserves to be remembered.


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