Sunday Science: Remember those knowledge crystals from Superman?

Well, looks like a team from the University of Southhampton’s Optoelectronics Research Center and Eindhoven’s University of Technology have created such a thing.

They were able to create the first document that will outlast the human race.  Using laser’s and a storage structure that  consists of self-assembled nanostructures within fused quartz, the team copied 300kb of data to an object that can withstand temperatures up to 1,832 Fahrenheit.

Subatomic neutrino tracks

What’s more, this new structure is capable of holding up to 360tb of data.


And that is just the start.  Where will this technology be in 5, 10 or even 15 years?  Imagine, the entire sum of knowledge of the human race can now exist long after we are gone.

Let’s just make sure it’s not all cat videos and Jersey Shore reruns…

Go check out the article here,  and ponder the implications of this breakthrough.

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