We wish you all a safe and wonderful Holiday Season! Thanks for making 2013 so great.

Have you listened to Suzi FM yet?  It’s the best music you have never heard. We have only the best in cinematic, ambient, chill and house mixes ready to go. […]

sunday science

I had just a quick image to share with you, showing the motion of our Solar System.  It’s amazing how slow the outer planets move around the Sun.

sunday science

I have been spending alot of time on Google+ and it’s become my favorite social media site.  So many different communities out there to meet new people and learn new […]


Things are going great around here.  I have the novelization of Suzi Quazar going, and nice timing for it to coincide with NaNoWriMo.  Double dippin big in here! Things are […]


Issue 1 of Suzi Quazar is now on sale!  You can get digital copies directly from our Q Shop, either in PDF or CBR format for only 99 cents! You […]