Sunday Science: Antigravity

Antigravity has long been a common element of science fiction.

From powering spaceships to helping people carry heavy loads, antigravity is a favorite tool of authors everywhere.

dark energy
Dark energy or antigravity?

In the late 20th century, astronomers discovered data that suggests that the universe is continuing to expand at an accelerated rate.
Let’s ponder that for a moment. The universe is expanding, not at a rate that is slowing over time, but going faster over time.

The conventional model of physics says that a form of energy called “dark energy” makes up about 70% of the energy in the universe.
A new study, however, indicates that it could be matter and antimatter repelling each other, creating an antigravity which pushes the particles away from each other.

Now this goes against all common sense, and the fact that we have been unable to observe antimatter in space makes it rather hard to prove, but Vanessa D’amico wrote an interesting article over on ¬†Go read it, and expand your mind!

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