June 2013

Animated Suzi

I have been studying animation off and on since I first picked up Preston Blair’s Animation book waaay back in the early 70’s. I was fascinated with cartoons. Still am. […]

Bruce Timm style!

I am not a big autograph hound. I have autographed photos of Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6 from Logans run, a Sid Haig as Lord Drago from Jason of Star […]

sunday science

Antigravity has long been a common element of science fiction. From powering spaceships to helping people carry heavy loads, antigravity is a favorite tool of authors everywhere. In the late […]

Suzi Quazar

One of the reasons I started Suzi was to meet new people and other artists. I ran across TMS Comics over at inkOutbreak. They have a really good looking site […]

Suzi Quazar

Why did an experimental ship jump 13 billion light years from home, right into the heart of an alien battlefield? We’ll find out…