Cartoon Cool: Behind the scenes

I grew up on hand drawn animation.
Every frame was drawn by hand, painted by hand, and hand photographed.

From Space Angel, to The Galaxy Trio, Herculoids and beyond, animation has always been my passion.

I remember as a kid getting Preston Blair’s Animation book and wearing it out.
I was constantly doing animations in the edges of old paperbacks, creating makeshift flipbooks.

One of my goals for Suzi is to get her animated.  I do animations of all kind, and have been doing alot of test footage animation of Suzi,
but truth be told, the machine I am creating all this on is fairly old, and just can’t produce the quality of images I am after.
I do have the process down though, and I am expecting to have some really cool results once I can upgrade the hardware.

Here is an amazing video that shows the process of hand drawn animation used on Popeye, waaaay back when.  It took an army…

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