Sounds of the Cosmos!

So if you check out the sidebar, you see the Radio Cosmos.  This is the sound of me working on Suzi.

Music is a huge part of my creative process.
I am a very seat of the pants kind of storyteller with Suzi.
I have an outline of where I want the story to go, and where and when the key events should happen, but I let the “in betweens” just flow organically as I am laying out the page.  I find if I get stuck, I can just sit back and close my eyes, and let the music be the soundtrack to the story.
I think, ‘if this was a movie, what would be happening right now that would match the music’ and viola, most of the time the scene just lays itself out.

Do you have a special chill groove that just lets you escape from this world and into someplace special?
Leave a comment and share the tunes then!  Who knows, you just might hear it on Radio Cosmos!

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