Music to create by

So much more than just me banging out images goes into creating a page for Suzi.  I’m lucky to have a very supportive wife, a good workspace and a custom built machine to develop on.  But I think the most important ingredient is music.  I rarely turn on the TV anymore these days, preferring to have music constantly on while I’m doing my thing.

One of the artists (technically a duo) that gets a lot of play is Turboslash.  In fact, most of the upcoming issue 6 is inspired by their single, Deathracer.  It’s not often that I ever pitch anything or endorse a product, but these guys are worth every penny.  Head on over to their BandCamp page and check out their EP.  For 6 bucks, you get some amazing 80’s inspired retro wave.  Give em a listen and if you like em,  drop a few dollars and help them keep making great music.

Buy Turboslash EP1 @ BandCamp

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