Issue 2 sneak peek!

I wanted to give you guys a quick look at some of the concept art for Issue 2 of Suzi.  You can see that it’s the same old, same old for poor Suzi.
I have some more articles that I will get scheduled this weekend, and I will discuss more about the creative process of how I took Suzi from concept to creation.

You can see the original art on the left, it is a fairly plain angle.  I was focused more on scale, lighting and the lightning bolt effects more than the drama of the scene. Once I was able to get the colors and tone, as well as all the visual fx elements in place, I think went back and looked for the more dramatic angle.  The first issue of Suzi was a great learning experience, but I think I was so focused on the technical side of the work, that I missed opportunities for more dramatic angles.  I don’t regret this, as I did my best with what I knew.  The old saying “You only know what you know” applies in art as well we life.  This is why I am really looking forward to Planet of Peril.  I get to use everything I learned from Issue 1 as the base to build on.  It’s going to be alot of fun.

Until then, enjoy some of the alien power that Suzi will encounter!

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