Sunday Science: The Theory of Everything

I hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day weekend. I got so into creating Suzi’s new pages that I totally spaced it and forgot about Sunday Science!
But never fear, science will always find a way.

Today, let’s talk about the Holy Grail of science (yeah, wrap your head around that statement!): The Grand Unified Theory. This theory seeks to explain all the physical phenomenons in the Universe. This sounds easy, but we use two different systems to observe the Universe.

Subatomic neutrino tracks
Subatomic neutrino tracks

In the biggest scale, the “classic mechanics” theory covers how the planets orbit around suns and things like that. The problem begins when we get down to the atomic level. The rules change, and we use Quantum mechanics to explain how particles behave.
The question that perplexes science is why doesn’t classic mechanics work at the sub-atomic levels?

Tega Jessa has written a great article over at Go read, and learn something new today!

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