Inspirations: Lewaine

So I can name all kinds of pop culture references that had a hand in shaping Suzi.  But there is really one and only one true inspiration that created this comic, and that would be my lovely wife, Lewaine.

Hottest publisher ever!

Lewaine is the one that pushed me to grow and put my work out there for the world to see.
I had a hard drive full of works I had done over the years that had never been seen by anyone other than myself.
I just didn’t really think anyone would care to see my work.
Lewaine kept telling me that I should get my work out there and share it with the world.
She even went so far as to take a couple of her favorite images, print them out, and enter them into a local art show.

The prints wound up winning second and third place…and she didn’t even say “I told you so”.

Lewaine began a business helping artists develop online portfolios and webcomic sites, and in the course of building her business, she helped me develop a plan for creating a webcomic of my own.

The problem was, I couldn’t find a story that I wanted to draw.  Lewaine suggested that I tell a story that I thought was cool, and she then created a posting schedule that I could fit into my week.  I am a full time designer/developer, so the project I started on the side would require a very precise methodology if I was going to be able to deliver on a schedule.



Lewaine nailed it!  We have been able to refine my creation process so well, I was able to start another project.  She did this all while balancing her clients and family life.

Suzi Quazar wouldn’t exist without Lewaine and her vision.

She is the real life inspiration for Suzi.  From her grace and strength, to her sweet spirit and beauty, Lewaine provided me the model in which to create this character and tell her stories.

I can’t thank her enough.  If you are an artist and have a story to tell, but don’t know how to get your work out there, contact Lewaine or visit her site here.

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