Inspirations: Irwin Allen

I have a pretty extensive list of inspirations for Suzi, but right up at the top would have to be Irwin Allen.

Lost in Space
The space family Robinson

Allen created just about every one of my favorite shows from my childhood. Classics like Lost in Space, Time TunnelVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Land of the Giants were all required viewing.

Of course, I look back now and realize that most of his shows eventually morphed into kid shows. By season 3, Lost in Space had pretty much became the Will, Dr Smith and Robot Variety hour. I think if they could have stuck with the same formula they used in the first season, Lost in Space would have been remembered very differently.

Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel was another show that had a great premise, but lacked in execution. I think this was more a matter of budget constraints that anything else.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was a fun show with a great cast and concept. Land of the Giants was kinda the odd man out of the Allen stable.

Voyage to the bottom of the sea
Voyage to the bottom of the sea

The writing was really all over the place, but back then, Deanna Lunds mini-skirts could make me overlook a lot of plot holes.

Irwin Allen produced some popular disaster shows like The Towering Inferno and The Posideon Adventure in the 70’s,
but was never able to recapture his success on the small screen.

Land of the Giants
Land of the Giants

Irwin Allen had a good run, and created some iconic characters in science fiction. I hope to capture some of that fun in Suzi’s stories.

What do you remember about Time Tunnel, Lost in Space or the other Allen shows?

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