Sunday Science: Gravity

I have always been fascinated by physics.  Waaay back when, I was a freshman in college with dreams of being a gravitational astronomer working with LIGO.
LIGO is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in Louisiana or Washington.  Much like optical telescopes capture light and let us view distant objects, LIGO reacts to gravity waves.  By using precisely positioned mirrors and lasers, these waves can be measured.

That brings us to this weeks topic.  Gravity.

What it does is easy to explain, but how it does it, well, that’s the tricky part.
We know gravity is a force that is exerted between objects with mass.
We know that the more mass an object has, the greater the gravitational field it has.
We also know that objects that are closer exert more gravitational force than distant objects.

The same force that keeps us on Earth is the same force that keeps the planets in orbit.
Some scientists searching for the Unified Field Theory claim that gravity, electromagnetic force and the forces at the atomic level are aspects of the same force.

Tega Jessa over at has a great article to get you started.

Go learn!  Your brain will thank you.


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