Inspirations: Cartoons

Growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s, cartoons were a huge part of my life.
Like most kids, I was glued to the TV on Saturday mornings.

Hanna-Barbera shows were a staple of the time, and I watched countless hours of their cartoons.

Galaxy Trio
Galaxy Trio

I still have many fond memories of shows like the Galaxy Trio and Space Ghost.
The Herculoids were also required watching, along with Mighty Mightor, Frankenstein Jr., Samson and many more.

The Herculoids
The Herculoids




Jonny Quest and the beautiful backgrounds easily captured my imagination and is probably the single biggest cartoon influence on Suzi.  The walking eye, the jet-packs and that fantastic Hoyt Curtin score.

Battle of the Planets (yes, I know it's Gatchaman!)
Battle of the Planets (yes, I know it’s Gatchaman!)

As I got older, more and more animation from Japan started appearing.
Shows like Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers and Robotech soon caught my attention.


Star Blazers
Star Blazers


By the mid-80’s, I was out of high school and into the world, but my love of animation never died.  My goal is to get some Suzi animated shorts online this year.  I have already created some test footage, and I am always working on refining my process.

I think I have the technical skills down, but I am finding that my hardware is just too outdated for the task.

Once I get my computer upgraded a bit, I will have some pretty cool stuff to show you.



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