Hi guys!

Wow, I am seeing a lot more traffic than I thought I would have at this point!

I am pumping out content as fast as I can create it.  I want to just flood everything out to the site right now, but my wise publishing partner has shown me that getting regular content updates scheduled is better than just dumping it all at once.

Our next big update will be on Saturday (I will be posting some weekly work in progress shots) and on Thursdays I will put up new blog posts about the crazy cool world of Suzi.

I have new merchandise in the pipeline, along with the DECODER WHEELS!
Can you decipher messages from the other side of the Universe and help our heroine solve a 4 billion year old mystery?

Can you?


Ok, ok, we will see…

And hey, you know, you can always leave a comment.  It’s free, and all the cool kids are doing it.  Well, maybe not all.  But definitely that kid in the Space 1999 t-shirt, he did.  Then he drove off in a ’78 Camaro.  Cool…

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