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This has been one of the harder weeks I have faced in a long while.  I posted an image on the blog called “Forgotten Goodbye”.  This image was my gut reaction to the news that my mother had passed away.  She had battled Alzheimer’s for five years, but now she has moved on to a place where there is no pain or loss.

In the image, I added a not so hidden message.  You can’t really see it at the lower resolution I used for the blog post, so here is a close up.  My Mom always did her best to make sure I had books in front of me.


She didn’t care what I was reading, as long as I was reading.  I can’t tell you how that simple act has paid so many dividends in my life.  You wouldn’t be reading this post now if not for her.

Thanks Mom, for encouraging me to reach for the stars.

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