So much more than just me banging out images goes into creating a page for Suzi.  I’m lucky to have a very supportive wife, a good workspace and a custom […]


Katherine G. Johnson, Miriam Daniel Mann, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Kathryn Peddrew* and many other African American mathematicians served an unlauded, but critical role in getting America to the […]


I signed up for Marvel Unlimited and so far I am pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been able to discover many of the comics that I wanted to read as a kid, […]

Belgium flag

Brussels, we stand with you. Tyranny and oppression are the tools of the cowards who fear the future and what it holds for mankind. Today we stand with the people […]


When I was young, my Dad had a bluegrass radio show in Dallas, and so every Saturday afternoon, my little brother and I would load up the family station wagon […]


We here at Suzi Quazar proudly support and recognize all the unsung heroines who have battled to make the world a more equal place for women.  Take a moment to […]


I am working up the publishing schedule for the remaining books in the Suzi series.  There are 10 issues in this current story arc, and after speaking with the wife/publisher/letterer, […]

sunday science

As we resume our Sunday Science column, I’m excited to share this next link with you. We are finally able to detect gravity waves. Why is this a big deal? […]

Suzi Quazar

Making comics (which you can read for free on Kindle, btw) has been a blast, and I am looking forward to the fun we will have along this crazy adventure! […]


to our regularly scheduled programming!  Suzi kicks off again on March 1st and I am so happy to be back working with my favorite azure tressed heroine.  After taking time […]