Sunday Science: Smart girls rock!

All too often we are seeing stories about how schools are taking their inane zero tolerance policies to the degree that is ridiculous. Case in point, Kiera Wilmot was arrested after conducting a simple science experiment. I commend Kiera and her family for weathering the stupidity of the Polk County School District. This bunch of so-called “educators” lost all common sense. You can read about it here.

Schools today should be doing everything in their power to encourage all kids to get into science. The US is outsourcing our intellect to other countries, and we are going to pay a heavy price for it. Young science enthusiasts should be nurtured and guided into rewarding and challenging careers, not treated like criminals.
Thankfully, Kiera and her family stayed true to their convictions, and aided by a huge uproar and the spotlight of the national media, they were able to have a very nice outcome to a very unnecessary situation.

We salute you, Girls of Science!

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