Katherine G. Johnson, Miriam Daniel Mann, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Kathryn Peddrew* and many other African American mathematicians served an unlauded, but critical role in getting America to the […]

Finished up the rebuild on the creative machine last night, so I will be able to get back on Suzi this week. Fingers crossed this time!

Just wanted to drop a quick update, the comic isn’t on another hiatus, I am rebuilding the computer I use to make Suzi. I learned after the last incident a […]

Sorry for the lack of updates, a new project jumped up and demanded more attention that I had allocated. Sigh. Suzi will be back in action this coming Tuesday!


Work jumped up and caught me off guard this week. I’ll be able to get caught up this weekend, so Suzi will be back on schedule next week. In the […]

Found an intersting article on SpaceX’s plan to send rockets to Mars in the next two years. That is a very bold and exciting announcement. While costing a pretty penny, […]

The Tuesday page failed to publish on time, and the site didn’t notify me. Luckily Lewaine happened to notice that nothing had gone out on Facebook. Sorry about that!


I signed up for Marvel Unlimited and so far I am pleasantly surprised.  I’ve been able to discover many of the comics that I wanted to read as a kid, […]


I just wrapped up Jessica Jones on Netflix, and I liked it.  I never really followed many street level heroes as a kid, mainly sticking to Fantastic Four and Avengers. […]

Belgium flag

Brussels, we stand with you. Tyranny and oppression are the tools of the cowards who fear the future and what it holds for mankind. Today we stand with the people […]