Saturday Sneak Peek

Animated Suzi

I have been studying animation off and on since I first picked up Preston Blair’s Animation book waaay back in the early 70’s. I was fascinated with cartoons. Still am. […]

Suzi Quazar

Why did an experimental ship jump 13 billion light years from home, right into the heart of an alien battlefield? We’ll find out…

Suzi Quazar

I am working on a couple of other projects besides Suzi. I had an earlier post about how Lewaine was able to help me refine my workflow to increase my creative […]


Just what every spacegirl needs!  Flying saucers rock, and flying saucers with twin rayguns rock even harder! I use a variety of tools in making Suzi. One of my goals […]

Suzi Quazar

This is from one of the series of deco style prints I am working on for Suzi. This is sort of my action take on Dave Stevens Betty print. The […]