What a great day for the ESA team!  A huge congratulations to all involved, and to those who will analyze the data that Philae sends back to Earth.

I have been working evenings hammering out the workflow so that I can create a Suzi animated series.  I think I am finally on the right path, so I thought […]

I just ran across this and wondered if anyone has any thoughts.  I love the mecha design callbacks to Macross-ish levels.  Let me know what you think!  

I have been working on animating Suzi as a cartoon for some time now.  I’ve got a ton of test footage that I wanted to use for something, so here […]


of the Starship Lewaine, it’s ongoing mission: To help me keep my sanity! Yes, Suzi is on Star Trek Online.  If you play, drop me a line and we can […]