I’ve been working for some time now on refining the process I use to create Suzi, and I am ready to make the step to the next iteration of the […]

Going to have some cool stuff to talk about, so stop by for Suzi’s 4th Birthday on March 19th!

Rick and Morty

I’m pretty stoked that Rick and Morty will be back in 2016.  This is one of the most subversive, brilliant and utterly insane sci-fi stories told.  It’s humor might be […]

This is a quick test of the ship’s computer screens.  You can see where I have set all the screens to a magenta color to help me replace them in […]


I have been kicking around alot of stylistic considerations for the animated series, and I am really leaning towards a retro 80’s styling in the series. I hacked this poster […]

Here is the initial facial rig for Suzi. What this does is allow me to quickly pose her. I needed the make the controls clear and quick for me to […]


I have been very busy the past couple of weeks.  I have made huge strides in the pre-production of the Suzi animated series, and I will be sharing some early […]


Sorry for missing today’s page.  I will get it uploaded by Friday.   I can, however, share a test shot from the Suzi animated series.  This is from issue one, […]


I have been hard at work doing the pre-production of Suzi’s first animated adventure, and I let the Tuesday comic slip. Normally I would be aggravated, but I am too […]