April 2014

So sorry for the lack of updates this week. We are finally in and unpacking the new home.  It’s been a challenge to downsize from a house to a town […]

We spent the weekend moving, and the internet will be on later today.  I will have a new page up on Thursday the 24th, and we will be back on […]


A rough draft of a Suzi trading card.


of the Starship Lewaine, it’s ongoing mission: To help me keep my sanity! Yes, Suzi is on Star Trek Online.  If you play, drop me a line and we can […]

sunday science

The good people over at BuzzFeedPop put together a funny video that shows some of the literary license films take with science. You probably know most of these already, but […]

A not so average blue haired woman

The wife has been onto me about opening up more and sharing behind the scenes stuff for Suzi, so no better way than to show off my Issue 1 cover […]