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What comics are you reading?  I just signed up for Marvel Unlimited. I lost touch with comics in the mid 80’s after I joined the Army, so it’s giving me a chance to catch up.  I’ve spent most of the weekend reading all the old 60’s and 70’s comics.  Drop me a comment with your fav’s!


  1. Reading list?

    Sci-Fi: Ava’s Demon♥, Mimaska♥, Casseopia Quinn.
    Fantasy: Devil’s Candy, Gaia, The Boy Who Fell, *Stand Still Stay Silent ♥.
    Superpowers: Grrl POWER!♥, Spinnerette, Supernatural Step, Lighter than Heir.
    Horror: Wingless-The Dovecote Princess, Inside Phobia (new comic, few pages)

    *online Reuben award winner
    ♥ my favorites

    I read a LOT of webcomics and scout around often, these are a few picks I’ve drudged up that look like good referral comics.


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