Issue 1 of Suzi Quazar is now on sale!  You can get digital copies directly from our Q Shop, either in PDF or CBR format for only 99 cents! You […]

Well, the last page of Issue 1 goes up this Tuesday (Sept 24, 2013 for those of you in the future!) I have learned a lot about my art, my […]

Working on a sci-rpg source book and website.  Things are going good here.  Suzi is still on track, and I don’t see any delays with her.  I just haven’t been […]

Suzi Quazar

Wow, I am seeing a lot more traffic than I thought I would have at this point! I am pumping out content as fast as I can create it.  I […]

Suzi Quazar

3.19 That’s when the weekly adventures of Suzi Quazar blasts off to a galaxy of adventure. I am working like a maniac on the look and feel of the site. […]

Suzi Quazar

And here we go, the first post on! March is the month it begins. The countdown is on, boys and girls, and I hope you are all here for […]