About Suzi Quazar

Suzi Quazar is a sci-fi adventure comic that captures that classic silver age comic book feel.

It’s not hard science fiction!

I know there are alot of purists out there that love that stuff.  Nope, not here.  We got atomic rayguns, jetpacks (hell maybe a few jetbelts too!)  We got unrealistic physics, goofy aliens and just plain weirdness.

And it’s all done for fun.

Read that again.

It’s all for FUN!

Look, the bottom line is this:  If you want a fun read, a bit of escapist fantasy that might make you laugh, maybe make you think on occasion, that is my goal.  I am not trying to change the world here.

I have been sitting on so much art this past few years. Recent changes in life have given me a new perspective on getting my projects moving. I am the absolute king of thinking up things that I think are really cool. I will outline, do all the concept art, flesh out characters and locations. Everything I need to do in order to get the project rolling.

Then I move on the next thing that captures my attention. The cake mix is in the pan, the oven is pre-heated, and all I gotta do is stick the sucker in and it’s done.

But no. I get it ready, then move on.

I had been consolidating and cleaning up my disks, and one of those tasks was to get all of my characters and ideas in a centralized location and see what I had. I had alot of concept art and model sheets built, and as I was looking at them, the wife asked ‘Why haven’t you used these?’. I had no real answer for her, so I started looking long and hard at what was in front of me.

The character that became Suzi Quazar was one of those sheets. So after combining her concept images and cleaning them up, an idea occurred to me that she would be really good in a web series.